Australian energy prices are predicted to continue rising for the foreseeable future, taking electricity bills with them. Energy efficiency is key to easing the power price pain for Australian consumers of electricity.

Clean Energy Council

Through Planning, Metering and Sustainable Thinking Iris Integration can not only save your business money but also create a more sustainable, cleaner and safer world by making wiser energy choices.

Planning - We will ensure minimal disruption and maximum energy saving through our customized plans.
Metering - Through implementation and live metering, we deliver accurate diagnostics, highlighting key areas of savings.
Sustainability - We will achieve your required levels of productivity at lower cost and with less pressure on resources.

Harmonics Filtering
Improve the lifespan of devices by reducing electrical noise. Harmonic distortion above a certain standardized level will become a form of pollution and lead to a range of problems that will lead to stress on electrical equipment. Stress will lead to a diminished electronic life span and damage. An audit to detect any harmonic irregularities, is a necessary primary step for improving electrical equipment lifespan.
Power Factor Correction
Optimising plant equipment’s Power Factor will allow correct usage and cut down on maintenance and operating costs. A poor Power Factor indicates operations are not optimising the usage of electrical power and as a result will draw more current. A Power Factor Correction Audit can help reduce power bills.
Load Shedding
In some industries large companies are charged based on their maximum load capacity. If a site uses more than their alotted amount, their energy bill will be charged at a higher rate. Load Shedding is necessary to control the total power consumption of a site to stay below the set peak demand limit. Auditing the site to monitor the electric demand of equipment and cutting off unnecessary electric loads once they reach close to the limit will help reduce power bills.
Air Conditioning
Integration of existing access control and time in attendance systems allows the control of air conditioners remotely. Air Conditioners can be left running for hours before and after they are required without anyone knowing, an automatic occupancy detection system to control remotely, will ensure that energy isn’t being wasted, if no-one is there to use it.
Lighting Control
Employing a lighting control system to regulate where and when light is needed, will maximise energy savings and comply with green building and energy conservation programs. A single-user interface device is able to control any light, group of lights or all lights in a building and are commonly used in both indoor and outdoor commercial and industrial areas.
24/7 Support
Experienced industrial electricians and engineers able to provide a 24 HR support service. Our electricians are able to implement any recommendations from the Energy Support Audit to maximise energy usage and equipment lifespan.

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