In industries that require maximum strength and durability from concrete, accelerated curing tanks provide optimal results in reaching concretes potential hardness in a fraction of the time it would take to cure in ambient conditions.


Iris Integration has designed an accelerated curing tank which enable the long term strength of concrete after 1 year in as little as 14 days. Curing cement requires a strictly-controlled environment. Failure to manage it correctly can lead to weak, brittle concrete, which is susceptible to cracking and shrinkage – concrete that is both unattractive and dangerous.

The IRIS-ACTANK provides the perfect environment for the curing process, which is important to achieve consistent and reproducible results. Predominate factors influencing the results of the process is the ability of the accelerated curing tanks to maintain a constant, stable temperature and restrict the loss of moisture from the product.

Iris Integrations curing tanks provides both, during the curing procedure the product is submerged in circulating, temperature-controlled water. Unlike other accelerated curing tanks on the market, our tanks are able to maintain high temperatures and have excellent circulation insuring maximal heat dispersion.


  • Portable
  • 20 port logger
  • Automated alarm system to stop tank running dry

The Iris-TEMPLOGGER is a 20 port logger for data acquisition. Thermocouples will be installed through a port in the walls of the Iris-ACTANK, allowing live temperature read outs independently, without disturbing the curing process by opening the chamber.

Alarms are programmed into the IRIS-TEMPLOGGER to change the display if the tanks run outside the allowed ranges. Because the IRIS-TEMPLOGGER is 20 port, only one is required for up to 20 tanks.


  • Galvanised metal
  • Holds up to 6 x 150mm diameter cylinders
  • Works with most lab gantry systems

These galvanised metal cages are specifically designed for use with most lab gantry systems. The safety cages increase productivity and workability for concrete curing by providing a safe way of taking out the cylinders of concrete after it reaches 90oC into a standby tank, which enables faster and more efficient work practises.

The IRIS- SAFETYCAGES are for companies who pride themselves on providing a safe working environment; the safety cages limit the human contact will the high temperature concrete.


  • 22’’ monitor
  • Communication module
  • Configured to control the IRIS-ACTANK and the IRIS-TEMPLOGGER

The PC is configured to control the IRIS-ACTANKS and read live data from the IRIS- TEMPLOGGER.

This PC will have a communication module installed to allow programming of the temperature controllers, to integrate the entire system for increased workability.


Iris Integration can supply staff to commission and train personnel onsite. In order to optimise the efficiency of the laboratory work environment, mounting of the temp logger for the tester’s convenience also the amalgamation of the IRIS-TEMPLOGGER and PROGRAMMING PC needs to be precise/thought out ...Commissioning will be quoted to include flights, accommodation and 3 days at a day rate.


Items can be delivered CFR. Shipping will be from origin Brisbane, Australia. Container shipping is recommended for orders greater than 10.

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